House Democrats Impeach Donald Trump

Just call him #MrImpeachment. Putin couldn’t help him this time.

Now let’s get ready for the trial.

This is a doozy. Just found it online. Trump calls for GW Bush’s impeachment and defend Clinton against his. Very appropriate to post this today’s events.

This could be a problem for Donald. At the very least it makes him look even worse than already is:

Powerful speech. Earlier Schiff mentioned that Trump didn’t care about ‘corruption’ in Ukraine in 2017 and 2018 when he didn’t try to stop military aid going to that country. It was only after Biden announced he was running for president in 2019 did he all of a sudden block aide to Ukraine.

And if the Senate does not convict and remove Trump. Then we impeach him again. Congressman Al Green makes this point. He fought to impeach Trump when very few Democrats in the House were even considering it. He is a great American.

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