Day: February 22, 2020

Donald Trump Says Remaining In Office Until 2028 Is A ‘Distinct Possibility,’ Declares ’12 More Years’

Trump isn’t hiding his ambition to create a dictatorship in America. And why not? He’s been able to get away with every crime he’s committed. Remember, Hitler came to power legally. And little by little he created the most evil power structure of the 20th century:

Donald Trump on Friday held a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the course of a rambling speech that spanned such topics as whether CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s wife likes him, and former Vice President Joe Biden’s speech impediment, Trump, for at least the 28th time in a public address, mentioned that he may remain in office past the end of his constitutionally mandated term.

Earlier this month one journalist and author who has followed Trump’s speeches said that he had counted 27 previous occasions on which Trump threatened to stay past the end of his term.