Trump’s Response to Coronavirus will get Many people Killed

It is debatable whether Trump or Coronavirus are the greatest threat. But the combination is a crisis by itself. We need leadership in a time like this. We don’t have. And that is a grave threat.

The worst threat is Trump spreading lies about Coronavirus:

Gupta on Trump’s coronavirus claim: That’s not true


Everyone Is Fine: Trump Says the ‘Caronavirus’ Isn’t as Bad as CDC Reports

The Root

Trump says coronavirus risk in U.S. is low; CDC confirms first case of unknown origin


…Including spreading conspiracy theories:

Trump’s Biggest Supporters Think The Coronavirus Is A Deep State Plot


Trump is always about cheating and hurting people:

Trump Insists on Paying for Coronavirus Prep by Cutting Heating Aid for the Poor

Adding insult to injury the liar-in-chief put in charge his VP who has a history of screwing up his handling of a health crisis as Governor:

After Trump appoints Pence to oversee coronavirus response, initial reports don’t include that he enabled HIV outbreak in


You combine incompetence with lies you have a deadly combination:

WHO Expert: Trump’s Coronavirus Briefing Was Totally Incoherent

The Daily Beast

It’s always about him:

Trump says ‘quite a bit’ of sell-off is fear a Democrat will win election, along with coronavirus


Trump “furious” CDC issued coronavirus warnings that “spooked” stock market: Report


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